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4 Urgent Care Clinic Marketing Tips For Real, Fast Growth

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If you are searching for an urgent care clinic marketing agency to help you with growth, you undoubtedly want to experience it quickly. The sooner you can generate a positive ROI from the various urgent care marketing tactics utilized, the faster you can scale the campaigns, creating even greater growth.

This is why online marketing is so attractive – the scalability is limitless, especially for an urgent care clinic. There is never a shortage of patients in need of the services provided. That endless pool of patients can be gound on Google, and with our help, we can design an urgent care clinic marketing strategy that will increase your patient volume considerably.

If online marketing and the common strategies that campaigns include is foreign to you or you have read the information posted online by other agencies that contain a lot of industry jargon designed to confuse the reader, this information should prove to be quite beneficial.

We feel it’s important for our clients to understand what works well and contributes to a successful urgent care marketing campaign. Some urgent care clinic marketing agencies will keep their methods and approach under wraps, fearing some clients might attempt to do the work themselves.

In reality, a clinic has other priorities when it comes to operations, which is why they seek out a solid agency partner to handle online marketing. When there is complete transparency between the clinic and their marketing agency it creates a relationship foundation that allows for solid long-term growth.

So, to help you better understand how we position your clinic at the top of Google and what we do to help grow your business online we put together a list of four marketing tips. These are fairly basic and universal – something that the majority of our campaigns include.

1. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile for Top Map Ranking

When it comes to the approach for mapping out an effective urgent care SEO plan we have to remember two things when it comes to the typical patient. They typically have an emergency that requires immediate attention and they are more than likely looking for help using a mobile device.

Because of the urgency, there is no time to comparison shop. They want to find the closest urgent care clinic and receive the help that they seek. This makes being found at the top of the local Google Maps results the main objective.

In other industries, where the consumer is going to spend some time looking at different options available, there are strategies that can be utilized to perform well even in a lower position. That sadly doesn’t apply to an urgent care clinic.

Our urgent care search engine optimization campaigns are designed to position your clinic at the top, with the strongest listing in terms of both ranking and reviews. Google Maps pulls from its business directory data when displaying the search results.

Therefore, your Google My Business profile must be optimized accordingly. Everything about your profile is optimized to get your clinic found online in the top position for all of the terms – manual and voice – that your typical patient would search. These need to be relevant to the services your clinic provides as well as the locations that are close to your urgent care clinic’s physical location.

Our team of urgent care SEO experts will fully audit and optimize your GMB profile and perform ongoing search engine optimization to constantly strengthen existing rankings as well as target newly identified search terms and search phrases that can attract more business through your clinic’s doors.

2. Create an Automated Google Review Funnel

Our campaigns focus heavily on the accumulation of urgent care Google Reviews. While it’s nice to have reviews from past patients for potential new patients to read, the truth is that very few patients are going to read through pages of reviews before deciding whether or not to visit your clinic.

Why? It comes down to urgency – if someone is looking for an urgent care clinic they don’t have time to read through pages of detailed reviews. They want to find options, identify the best one, and then go get whatever medical issue they have handled.

We want to help your clinic attract a lot of reviews because the sheer number of reviews next to your listing can make a powerful statement. In a sense of urgency, a potential patient is going to look for two things – a clinic close to them and one that looks like it will provide great service.

Having a large number of reviews displayed alongside your Google My Business listing makes a powerful statement and it also helps push your listing to the top of the Maps results, as the algorithm takes reviews – the average score, quantity, and frequency – into consideration when displaying the results.

We set up several automated tasks that solicit reviews from all past clinic patients. This helps us to attract a large number of them, and also ensures that there is a consistent flow of newly added reviews to your GMB profile. This is one aspect of the urgent care clinic marketing that can be automated to an extent, and contribute significantly to local SEO.

3. Design Your Website with a Mobile-First Conversion Approach

A high percentage of traffic that visits your clinic’s website is going to be mobile. Some patients will call or visit your clinic after seeing your Google My Business listing information in the Maps results, and some might click-through to visit your website for more information.

Your website must provide a good user experience in terms of navigation and information, along with seamless contact options – all designed for mobile users. We have expert urgent care clinic web design team members that can help make usability changes to your website if needed.

Not only does mobile-use help you convert more of your website traffic into clinic patients, but it also plays a role in your search engine optimization as well. Google’s algorithm prioritizes sites that demonstrate a high mobile-friendly score, which takes things like page load speed, text size, and spacing between elements into consideration.

A thorough walk-in clinic web design audit is something we conduct before starting any urgent care clinic marketing campaign. It’s important to make sure that the website’s layout, design, and technical components are all optimized for visibility in the search results as well as for converting traffic.

4. Run Your Urgent Care PPC Campaigns Using the Local Service Ad Format

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a great way to attract new patients. It’s an urgent care local marketing strategy that can be turned on instantly, and patient volume can be increased with an increased ad budget.

When you have a winning campaign it’s possible to scale it indefinitely, continuing to attract more patients and demonstrating a positive ROI. Google AdWords is the premier PPC option, as Google is the source of the most potential patients.

One of the best AdWords urgent service marketing formats is its local service ads. These are similar to traditional PPC, as you bid on clicks for specific keywords, but instead of being directed to your website, the potential patient is given two options: call your clinic or complete a form for more information.

This greatly improves your cost-per-patient acquisition cost, as the lead is connected directly to your business. They aren’t sent to your website, where they can exit before contacting your clinic.

This can be leveraged to drive calls during traditionally slow times during the day with bid and budget management, resulting in low new patient acquisition costs, when compared to other pay-per-click options.

Final Thoughts

With so many gears turning, each representing different urgent care clinic marketing strategies and objectives, you can see why it’s important that your marketing partner fully understands the online landscape as well as the urgent care clinic industry.

We have become the go-to urgent care marketing agency because of the results we deliver to our clinic partners, as well as our in-depth understanding of the industry, services provided, and operational business models of most clinics.

This is what we like to refer to as 360-degree agency service. We treat every urgent care clinic we work with like a partner, and if you’d like to learn more about how our urgent care clinic marketing can help your business experience fast growth, contact us today.

The consultation is completely free and our team of experts will be more than happy to answer questions and pinpoint areas that can be addressed immediately, resulting in noticeable gains in rankings, website traffic, leads, phone calls, and walk-in patients.

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