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Facebook Ads for Urgent Care Clinics - How to Attract More Clinic Patients

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Want to attract more patients through your doors? If so, Facebook ads for urgent care clinics are a great way to consistently build up your patient database. This enables you to constantly market to them at no additional acquisition cost and your urgent care clinic becomes the first option that comes to mind when they require medical attention.

The majority of businesses that actively market and advertise are using Facebook. It’s very effective due to its large user base and the extensive targeting options its advertising platform provides. To be successful, though, it requires a strategy custom-tailored for the specific business.

Traditional brick and mortar retail locations can directly advertise its products to local customers based on their interests. For example, a local bicycle shop can run ads featuring special offers to people that express an interest in biking based on the pages they follow and interact with.

If a consumer engages with an ad of interest they can click-through to the website or go visit the location in person. An urgent care clinic’s Facebook ads strategy requires a completely different approach.

An individual never anticipates needing to take a trip to an emergency medical clinic. It’s typically not a situation one can prepare for, so Facebook ads for urgent care clinics need to build awareness and collect patient data, which will then make your clinic the first one someone thinks of when there is a medical emergency requiring attention. Let’s dive into this deeper below.

Use Urgent Care Facebook Ads to Build a 5-Mile Awareness Campaign

The first thing to consider when developing an emergency clinic Facebook ads campaign is to consider the location of the potential patients you want to target. When someone suffers an accident or requires medical attention they want the closest possible solution.

You might be the very best urgent care clinic, but if someone slices their finger while cooking dinner and they require stitches, driving 20 miles is out of the question. There is a sense of urgency, and they will naturally want the closest medical attention.

The smart solution is to run urgent care Facebook ads targeting a 5-mile radius of your clinic. This creates more value, as every impression your ads receive is targeting potential patients that live close enough to choose your clinic over other options.

So, when we deploy campaigns locally our goal is to build awareness so that when the need arises they head to your clinic, as well as collect patient data so we can market to those patients ongoing without having to pay another cent for that patient acquisition. The long-term clinic growth opportunity via urgent care Facebook ads is unlimited.

How to Effectively Run Facebook Ads for Emergency Clinics

There are two main objectives when running Facebook ads for emergency clinics, patient awareness, and patient acquisition. Let’s look at each one and explain what we do to accomplish each, as they both contribute to long-term clinic growth.

Patient Awareness: As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to target potential patients in a relatively small radius. When someone is faced with an emergency situation they want immediate medical attention. Five miles is a good starting point.

Awareness ads explain the who and what – someone engaging with one of these emergency clinic Facebook ads will become introduced to your business and learn what services you offer. We touch on all of the emergency services as well as the walk-in services offered, such as B12 shots, flu shots, etc.

Creative video ads that command attention can deliver great results. A long-winded text post with an image of your clinic isn’t going to cause people to stop scrolling through their feed, resulting in very few knowing that you exist. A video that commands attention within the first two seconds can attract attention and quickly deliver the message.

It’s important to split-test several variations and continue to optimize and introduce new creatives. Running the same Facebook ads for emergency clinics without testing and optimizing will lead to a very inactive campaign.

Awareness campaigns should paint the picture without the individual having to go off Facebook to learn more. We do include a call-to-action and send that person to a page on your website if they do want more information, but the main goal of these Facebook ads is to make the entire 5-mile radius aware that your clinic exists and what services you offer.

Patient Acquisition: It’s also possible to run emergency clinic Facebook ads that are designed to attract new patients without an immediate medical emergency, and this strategy can contribute to exponential revenue and growth for your clinic in a short period.

Using the same 5-mile radius targeting, we can run Facebook ads that offer something of value that the individual needs to come in to redeem. This could be a specially priced B12 shot or other routine health service offered at a low price. The goal of these ads is to add more patients to your clinic’s database.

When they are in your system you can then market to them, offering standard services and include them on your mass marketing for offerings like annual flu shots. As your database grows, every offer you deploy via email or text message comes without a customer acquisition cost. Your revenue grows each time, as does your clinic’s profit since that customer acquisition cost doesn’t become larger.

Get Emergency Clinic Patients Using Facebook Ads as a Long-Term Strategy

Using Facebook ads for urgent care patients is a long-term marketing strategy. The chances of someone engaging with your ad at the very moment a medical emergency occurs is rare. The goal is to make them aware of your clinic so when a situation does occur they head to your clinic.

Irresistible non-emergency offers are also an effective way to attract attention and acquire patients. Our creative team of urgent care clinic marketing experts can align the perfect offer for your clinic and we can establish break-even goals, helping you to snowball your patient numbers without incurring high acquisition costs.

Our emergency clinic marketing agency likes to establish long-term partnerships with clinics that understand acquiring emergency clinic patients using Facebook ads is a long-term strategy. When the client-agency relationship features open communication and a full understanding of the strategy used and the goal of each campaign, we can produce outstanding results and growth – both in terms of new patient acquisition and revenue for the business.

Final Thoughts

Facebook ads for urgent care clinics can work very well to help build a database of local patients. The key is to acquire these new patients via Facebook ads at a break-even cost by offering something of value to get them into your urgent care clinic.

This establishes a relationship and they now know that your emergency clinic is somewhere they can go when they need medical attention. Little promotions like a buy-one-get-one B12 shot is a great way to get families and couples into your CMS.

While Facebook isn’t a search engine like Google and residents aren’t turning to the social network when they have a medical emergency, urgent care clinic Facebook ads can still be incorporated into the online marketing campaign and contribute significantly to new patient acquisition.

We understand how to create successful Facebook ads for urgent care clinics because we work exclusively with medical clinics throughout the U.S. The strategy required to run successful Facebook ads for urgent care clinics differs from that of a traditional brick and mortar business.

If you would like to learn more about our Facebook ads management for medical clinics please contact us today. Our team of Facebook ads experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have while explaining how we can make your business our next urgent care clinic Facebook ads success story.

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