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5 Tips for Using Google My Business to Attract New Patients to Your Urgent Care Clinic

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Google My Business is one of the most powerful tools that your urgent care clinic marketing campaign can leverage, helping you attract new patients to your urgent care clinic on a consistent basis. Most businesses, yours included, more than likely have a GMB profile, but it may not be optimized in a way that benefits your organic exposure and lead generation.

Your Google My Business profile contains local-identifying information and data that Google’s algorithm uses to determine what keywords and search phrases trigger your listing to be displayed in the local search results and in what position it’s shown in the Google Maps results.

The more online exposure your Google My Business profile receives, the more potential customers are going to be exposed and introduced to your locations, resulting in more visits to your urgent care clinic.

Urgent Care Clinic Google My Business Profile

A Google My Business profile is a must-have for an urgent care marketing effort, as it’s the centerpiece for all Google-related search initiatives. Every business can create a GMB listing for free and complete it with their information.

There is no limit on the number of profiles a business can have, as long as they all have different physical addresses. This would apply to multi-location businesses in a specific region or national-level franchise locations.

For the majority of urgent care clinics, we will be dealing with just a single location. Your GMB profile is the source of information that Google’s algorithm pulls from when it returns results related to local search queries.

The information contained in a Google My Business page includes the business name, it’s business category, address, phone number, the days and times the business is open and it’s urgent care Google Reviews.

In addition to the basic business information mentioned above, there is additional optimization that can be done to a listing that has a positive impact on urgent care SEO. The following three areas should be further optimized as they will help with initial discovery in the search results as well as improved click-through rate.

  1. Urgent Care Google Reviews: Not only do Google reviews help convert and drive patients to your urgent care clinic, but they also help your ranking position within Google’s search results.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: Having FAQs listed on your Google My Business profile allows you to answer common questions on the spot. When a potential patient has his or her questions answered without having to contact you, they are more likely to head to your clinic rather than seek out additional options.
  3. Business Images: Consumers are visual. Images of your urgent care clinic helps build trust. Someone is more likely to visit a business that showcases itself visually, rather than a business that leaves them in the dark.

Your Urgency Care Clinic Needs an Optimized Google My Business Profile

It’s not possible to execute an effective urgent care local marketing campaign without having a Google My Business profile that is correctly set up and optimized, specifically for organic search dominance. Our urgent service marketing strategies help ensure that your clinic is shown in Google’s results to those in need of your service and within your desired geographical radius.

There is a seemingly endless supply of traffic from Google, which makes being found on the top of its search results so appealing. It’s also the reason why your urgent care search engine optimization needs to be expertly mapped out and executed.

The information found on your GMB profile and how it’s presented have a direct impact on your organic online visibility. Let’s dive into five tips for attracting new patients to your urgent care clinic using Google My Business.

1. Add New Urgent Care Clinic Google Reviews

A steady influx of urgent care Google Reviews will help your clinic tremendously. They directly benefit your urgent care clinic marketing SEO, as positive reviews – and a steady flow of them – helps Google understand that your urgent care clinic is well-liked by its patients. The local search algorithm sees this as a strong trust signal and will reward your business with more organic impressions in the results.

Urgent care SEO aside, Google reviews make potential patients feel confident about visiting your clinic for their needs. Seeing positive feedback from past patients helps build trust and credibility.

Having difficulty attracting Google reviews for your urgent care clinic? Don’t worry – we have proven strategies that help secure glowing reviews from all of your previous patients. Once fully set up and running you will see a constant flow of new Google reviews added to your Google My Business profile.

2. Take Advantage of New Google My Business Features

A successful urgent care marketing strategy is never idle – as a marketing agency, we are never complacent. We are constantly looking for ways to improve a campaign, attract more website traffic, generate more leads, make the phone ring more, convert a higher percentage of patients, etc.

Staying up-to-date on the latest Google My Business features that can be used to enhance the urgent care search engine optimization effort is very important. Since GMB is such an important part of the search engine’s local results, it’s constantly being revamped and new features are developed and rolled out.

One of the more attractive features is a content publishing option that allows your business to create content that is displaying on your forward-facing GMB profile. You can even link to social media content or content on your website. It’s another way to provide information and value to potential customers, but also to help contribute to improved search engine optimization.

3. Keep Your Information Updated and Current

What if you launch an aggressive urgent service marketing campaign, allocating a large budget to reaching the number one local position for your main keywords, only to learn that all of the potential patients that saw your clinic’s listing called a number that was out of service or saw an address that wasn’t current?

All of that money and effort would be for nothing. While it seems far fetched, there are numerous occasions where we audited a local business only to find out that their Google My Business profile was full of incorrect information.

There is no excuse for this. Your GMB profile is accessible at any time and you have full control over the information listed on it. All of its data points, from the phone number to the business address, are used by Google’s algorithm.

This information is important more so now than ever, due to voice search becoming increasingly popular. With most searches coming from a mobile phone, search results will become the norm as more consumers become accustomed to using this feature.

When prompting the device to call the business or get directions to the business, it’s that information in the GMB profile that’s used to connect the call or generate the directions.

4. Audit Your GMB Profile for Search Visibility

There are several things to look for, outside of your GMB profile, that impacts its effectiveness and visibility in the search results. Number one, you want to make sure there aren’t multiple and duplicate listings.

If you worked with another urgent care clinic marketing agency in the past they could have created a profile without your knowledge. Also, if a business didn’t have a profile one could have been generated using submitted data, like a Google review.

For the best urgent care SEO results, we have to make sure there is only one Google My Business profile listing for each location address. It’s also important to make sure that the description is written in a way that it explains to Google what your business offers in terms of the services found at your clinic, and the geographical location your urgent care clinic serves.

All of these factors directly contribute to what search phrases and queries trigger your business location to be shown, and in what position on the Google Map you appear.

5. Build Credibility Through Your Google My Business Listing

There is a saying, “Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet.” Well, the truth is that most consumers do trust everything they see online, especially what they find on Google. This is why it’s so important to have a fully built-out Google My Business page for your urgent care clinic.

A profile that is complete, has professional images and recent five-star reviews give you instant credibility and instill patient trust. Someone with an immediate medical need is going to take action and visit your clinic if their first impression is a good one.

This is why such a large component of urgent care local marketing involves an optimized Google My Business listing. Yes, it helps get your business discovered in the Google search results, but it also helps you drive new patients to your urgent care clinic by giving them the confidence to take immediate action.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to attract patients to your business through a variety of urgent care clinic marketing strategies. While social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing can all deliver outstanding results, a Google My Business profile can be leveraged in several ways, creating a patient-magnet that works around the clock to drive business to your clinic.

Want to learn how we can help your urgent care clinic attract more patients using Google My Business in addition to a complete arsenal of online marketing tactics? Contact us today for a free consultation and online business audit. We are ready to make your urgent care clinic our agency’s next success story.

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